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There is such an island without fresh water nor the services needed. Not yet exploited for tourism and still very wild, Dragon Eye Island is still a strange name with many tourists. However, this is the place you should visit on your Halong bay tours to discover a new place and have your own life exciting experience.


Dragon Island from above

Dragon Eye Island is a new destination for Ha Long tourists. Dragon Eye is a folk name that many people refer to Bai Dong Island that is located in the south of Ha Long Bay, near the sea adjacent to the Lan Ha Bay. Especially, as the island has never been developed tourism, it still retains its original wild. From above, you can see that Dragon Eye Island is surrounded by two large blocks of rocky mountains and white sand. There is a natural white sand beach, stretching 300, 400 meters. And the special feature of this island is that it has a beautiful rounded water space in the center of the mountain. Dragon Eye Island has an area of about 30 hectares that still preserve the wild look. The magnificent natural scenery on Dragon Island, which is undeniably the wonder of nature, is worth visiting for at least one time on your Halong bay tours.

Inside-Dragon- eye-helloVietnam

Inside Dragon Eye Island

The first impression when you come to the island is the peaceful space. From the outside, Bai Dong is shaped like a bow, shielded by two large rocky mountains, creating a calm sea. Bai Dong has a rich flora and flowers along with the beach and on cliffs. The main attraction of Dragon Eye Island is the creek lying between rocky mountains and dense primitive forests. The jade of the water here makes it more prominent than the other islands of Ha Long Bay. Do you think visiting this place is one of the top things to do in Halong? Probably yes, right?

Bai Dong has long been identified as a destination on the Halong Bay tour and is located in the Halong Bay conservation area. However, this place is still only known for self-supporting travel. Kayaking to explore the diverse ecosystem of the island is a perfect option. Inside the island is a clear blue water, which contains the most remarkable ecosystem in the Gulf of Tonkin.


You can erect tents here

At present, Dragon Eyes Island is completing the procedures related to the licensing of tourist routes, exploring tours and services in Bai Dong. Works for catering needs have been built by investors but not yet put into operation. In the future, Dragon Eye Island will be exploited for Halong tour ecotourism combined with the sport on the sea such as kayaking, flying canoe, float boat, camping picnic, outdoor barbecue. The biggest difficulty is the fresh water problem for tourists. When visiting, you have to bring food, water, and self-cleaning when you leave.

Young people are communicating with each other to Eye Dragon Island to organize team building camps and explore this mysterious island. But until now, the island has not officially come into operation and tourism. This is a beautiful island separated completely from the mainland. When the island is officially operated and explored tourism, it will take you just about 30-45 minutes to get there by speedboat. Dragon Eye is about 20km away from the pier. Since the place is quite wild, when you reach the island you will have to prepare everything from fresh water to food and drink. This place might not be the place for you to enjoy Halong Bay cruise, but you can pack unique food of Halong and bring them to the island to enjoy the air of this unique place.

If you intend to spend the night on the island for a day or night on the island, contact the shipowner beforehand and schedule a day to pick them up. Any need for external contact information is not available. Therefore, you will focus on exploring the experience instead of holding game phones, updating information, cooking porridge. What are you waiting for? Pack your bag and go now.

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