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The Halong Bay archipelago comprises 1,969 islands and islets, it’s almost impossible to run out of fun places and activities to try while you’re here. Here are some top attractions that have listed so that you can add them to your bucket list for upcoming vacation.

Co To Island

The Co To Archipelago is comprised of 40 islands varying in sizes and a number of deserted beaches. It is one of the must-see tourist attractions in Vietnam. Indulge yourself in the serenity of the ocean. Fill your senses with the crystal blue water, bright wide sand, aromatic wildflowers, and redolent pine trees.

Co To Island

Co To Island (Source: Internet)

There is a wide selection of activities to choose from while in Co To Island. Explore the pine forests. Discover the islands and go fishing on a boat. If you want to encounter the coral reefs and tropical marine life, go snorkeling. And of course, enjoy the freshest and tastiest seafood served by the natives.

Tuan Chau

Tuan Chau Island, endowed with a luxuriant forest and beaches with very white and fine sand, is one of the highlights of Halong bay tours. Situated 8km away from Downtown Halong, the schist island never fails to impress its visitors with the endless exciting activities and well-developed infrastructure. If Co To Island is all about nature and indulging in nature, Tuan Chau Island gives off a completely different vibe that screams luxury.

Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau Island (Source: Internet)

Tuan Chau Island comes with high-end tourist services, recreational activities, and numerous entertainment options. You can go fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing, camping, parachuting, motor racing, water skiing, and playing golf or watch animals perform tricks (dolphins, sea lions, seals, etc.).

Luon Cave

The open-air cave is located 14km away from Bai Chay Beach and 1km away from Sung Sot cave. It’s situated on Bo Hon Island with Con Rua Islet in the front and the Sky Gate on the right. Luon Cave is 60m in length, 4m in width, 4m and 2.5m in height during low tide and high tide, respectively. Hence, only small boats or kayaks have access to the cave.

The preserved Luon Cave is an appealing attraction with spectacular, natural landscape: numerous alluring stalactites suspending from the above with their diversified shapes, luxuriant vegetation, dangerously steep cliffs, tranquil and crystal-like blue water all year round.

Yen Tu Relic

Dong Pagoda on the top of Yen Tu Mountain

Yen Tu Mountain (Source: Internet)

The national centre of culture, history, and tourism is listed in UNESCO heritage nominations. Yen Tu Mountain, with hundreds of temples, was the capital of Buddhism of Dai Viet more than 700 years ago and is sacred to millions of Vietnamese Buddhists.

From cultural, to historical, to natural values, the traditional spiritual Yen Tu Relic has everything to offer. The smell of incense purifies the air and cleanses our souls. The antique and artistic architecture is in harmony with nature. Ride a cable car and take in all the scenery covered with white clouds all year round. If this is not heaven, then it is surely heaven on earth!

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